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Fund Texas-Judge-Who-Beat-His-Daughter-Billboard

Judge William Adams is up for reelection. We want to raise funds to purchase an information billboard reminding his constituents of his actions. 100% of funds raised will go through a nonprofit organization that supports advocacy for abuse survivors. UPDATE #1: The Reddit community has just entirely self-funded a billboard reminding Corpus Christie, Texas of Judge William Adams' shocking child abuse! Additional funds raised will be used to keep the billboard up longer. It is $500 for each additional month. From mid-January to november elections is 10 months. UPDATE #2: I've been talking with the NCADV (National Coalition Against Domestic Violence). We will soon likely sign an an MOU that will let us put 100% of funds raised through the charity and towards the billboard (100% toward the billboard!). Their support will be HUGE. It helps honor and make legitimate the cause we are all contributing to! UPDATE #3: If you haven't already, join subreddit r/JudgeWilliamAdams.




$2,580 of $2,000

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129% funded
Funds go to:

NCADV or any other nonprofit supporting abuse survivors if they devote 100% of funds to the Billboard. If no nonprofit will do so, all raised funds will pay for the Billboard 100% transparently with oversight of Reddit moderators.

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